Hoverboard Product Liability Suits Are Ecpected To Flood The Courts In 2016


            As one attorney has put it “personal injury law is a real melting pot, and you need to be very lucky to pick only the juicy apples”, visit here for additional information. However, one promising market is opening up for these lawyers, and it comes from the fact that hoverboards are experiencing a high rise in product liability complaints and that these cases could overflow the courts in the up-coming period. These products are still very popular, and there is no doubt that they have been on many shopping lists for Christmas and New Year, which could result in an increase of these suits. At least that is what the lawyers are anticipating, i.e. they are hoping is going to happen in 2016.

Hoverboards are a modern type of self-balancing motorized scooters, which do not have handles or seats, and riders basically propel themselves forward on two wheels. The concept is certainly promising and a lot of costumers are perfectly satisfied with their “toys”, but there are some rotten apples in the basket and they are poisoning the whole group. Several customers reported that their hoverboards have spontaneously burst into flames, and that some even caused home fires. Other clients say that scooters were poorly built and this caused riders to dangerously fall, requiring medical attention.


Consumer protection lawsuits are possible even if the manufacturer is registered abroad, which is the case with most hoverboards since they predominantly come from China. Cheap lithium-ion batteries are the main cause of fires, according to some experts, but product manufacturers and retailers are willing to go to court and defend their product. They claim that there is no direct link between hoverboards and those injuries, and personal injury claims can only be submitted if there is a direct connection with the defect of the product.

Author: Sheila Smith

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