Personal Injury Lawyers Are Popular Even With Young Children

Personal Injury Lawyers Are Popular Even With Young Children

We are all familiar with certain characters from popular TV shows, such as a sleazy lawyer named Saul from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”, who are involved in the business of law with a strong entrepreneurial ambition and they advertize their services in any way they can. This scenario, however, is not only present in fictional television series, but also in our everyday life, since our billboards are filled with smiley faces and telephone numbers and our TV programs are bombarded with commercials which present personal injury lawyers. They mostly advertise on local TV networks, since this business is often done on a local level, so if you live in Chicago,  visit here.

However, there are examples which push things to the limits, and one of those extreme cases happened recently in Prairieville, Louisiana, where a mother decide to throw a party for her son with personal injury lawyer as the main attraction. L’erin Dobra, mother of 2-year-old Grayson, decided to use a slightly unorthodox theme for the party, since her selection did not include classic Superman capes or Spiderman webs, and she chose Morris Bart as the theme for Grayson’ssecond birthday. This New Orleans lawyer is the favorite TV character to her son, and the little guy enjoys watching commercials with Barth as the protagonist. Party had a cake which had Bart’s resemblance and there was even a cardboard cutout. To top it all of, the lawyer himself heard of the event and he sent a signed photo, which is now proudly displayed on Grayson’s dresser.


This interesting anecdote from Louisiana only demonstrates that personal injury lawyers are present in a great extent on our TV stations, and their aggressive marketing campaign is becoming a bit too much. According to most sources, personal injury lawyers spend more money per year on broadcasting their services than the overall amount of money which is spent on advertising during Super Bowl, and this is a clear illustration of how enormous is this business.

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